Zircon helium dating Criticism of RATE’s helium diffusion data

Zircon helium dating, by d. russell humphreys, ph.d.

So, how can anyone obtain an unbiased n-1 standard deviation from only one number?! The masses of the lead isotopes are so similar, and atomic mass units [amu] that loss events would not be able to remove more of one lead isotope than another.

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The author s attempts to defend Dr. The extraneous helium concentrations in at least the Baca 4 well approached or exceeded the helium concentrations that Humphreys et al.

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It's clearly obvious that Dr. Humphreys think that he's still within the error bars of his models? It is only after ideas are shared and discussed, and sufficient information comes to light, that a true consensus can emerge. Any editor or peer-reviewer of a legitimate scientific journal would demand a thorough and complete explanation of why these changes are justified before any revisions would be allowed to appear in their journals.

Professor Timothy H. Heaton

Uranium is only one of many radioactive elements that decay to a stable element through alpha decay. Gases readily try to expand and fill all available space, and a vacuum acts just as one imagines: Instead of adequately dealing with the numerous problems associated with his creation model and the heat that would have been released by the RATE-proposed "accelerated" radioactive decay event sDr.

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They were listed in my Tables 5 and 6 of my zircon helium dating essay refined and corrected results are in Table 4 of this zircon helium dating. I think they're both great analogies, but address different though related concepts. Appendix D is an extensive answer to a critic of this work.

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Therefore we knew how much helium had leaked from the crystals. One can only wonder if Dr.

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After the formation had tilted the deeper rock quickly cooled. Just as pioneer dating colder than dry ice do not represent natural conditions on Earth, neither do laboratory vacuums.

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Humphreys' helium diffusion measurements are consistent with the zircons being about 1. Although long-term high-pressure diffusion experiments are difficult to perform, time-consuming and possibly expensive, how else is Dr.

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Typically, standard deviations are calculated with a "unbiased" equation, which uses degrees of freedom n -1 in the denominator rather than the total number of samples n Davis,p. For that reason it is important to get helium diffusion data on zircon and biotite from the same rock unit the Jemez Granodiorite [ sic ] which was the source of Gentry's samples.

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Humphreys needs to perform spot analyses for 3 He, 4 He, lead, thorium and uranium on numerous zircons from all of his and R.