Wot how matchmaking works How does matchmaking work?

Wot how matchmaking works

This has been brought up several times on the EU forums actually and each time we need to point out that just because someone owns a patent it doesn't mean it's used.

How to find your WN8: How does matchmaking work? What can we say of this?

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Search Advanced Search section: How does the matchmaking work? Matthew J35U5 19 Posted 15 February - It revealed a mechanism of arranging players into battlesthe so called Match Maker MMputting the players in harder situations higher tier battles for the same tank if they win and in easier situations wot how matchmaking works tier battles if they lose.

Stop doing stupid platoons.

How Matchmaking Works

Mainly top of the list. This seems fair to me.

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KeystoneCops, on 14 June - Grothas 3 Posted 25 July - That's completely reasonable, Wargaming. Shouldn't this be balanced as well? It's really hard to get something smart from people that wasted 22k battles in this game. TiniestAxis 9 Posted 15 February - This too will become a much more rare occurance, as future tanks will no longer have this special matchmaking.

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Accordingly, lvl 6 battle is when tier 6 tank s is a top tier tank of that battle. The platoon is matched according to the highest tier tank in the platoon.

However its not enough weight to make it so. Dogsoldier6 11 Posted Jan 14 - Keith Pittsburg, on 15 February - Also, that graphic will give you a visual representation. Well good on you. Can it's content put some light on current game mechanics?

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Is this a bad thing? There are paragraphs regarding damage but in relation to crew skills and shells.