Wot fix matchmaking Fix the matchmaking

Wot fix matchmaking

How do we fix this?

The first person to actually get the point of the wot fix matchmaking. I can guess what he have learned from that battle I had have a lot of those battles in both sides:.

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Shoot gold and use movement to find weakspots. I have been on both ends of epic wins and shocking fail team looses. Here is a screenshot of the scoreboard: Sign In Email address: PowerPlug2 19 Posted 20 April - Just finished a game a few minutes ago where the enemy had 5 DDs vs 3 on our side. Still getting matches with heavys on one side and not the other.

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I actually quite like the new MM. Same matchmaking as always.

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Again I have noticed over a week period a dramatic drop in players. The question is, are the dev's listening?

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Seriously prefer the previous matchmaking. I think if they added some of the higher tier light tanks there wouldn't be as much of a problem with match making. We play the game. The only thing they should remove is statistics.

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Presenting the oldest topic in World Of Tanks. Although it may not be pushed towards giving better players worse teams, the PC community still suffers due to lack of players and the low-count MM should still be improved upon.

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Urdr 17 Posted Apr 21 - Cruisers do not equal battleships and DDs don't equal battleships. I finally can stop complaining about MM since I bought the Yamato haha but yeah, in top tiers sometimes you have to struggle and play really well or a bad decision of yours will make you die quite fast like playing against more shimas on the enemy team or more Yamatos.