Why is he on a dating site If he Likes you So Much, Why is he Still on Dating Websites?

Why is he on a dating site

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However if you feel unable to love and trust a person who is still looking for dates, then it may be time to move on. Few things will get me any angrier. Lynn Is his name Jon?


Although we are ok now but I just feel so helpless. Being on a dating site says to the world, I am still available and looking. Recently, he mentioned that he logged in to the dating website to see messages we had sent one another in the beginning.

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Eric Charles I agree with what E said. However, i checked again today if he had been on, and it said he had three days ago. Im 24 yrs old and im very attractive and have never been in a real relationship and crave that part of my life with someone special.

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Rather than saying anything, I simply ignore it. Around a year ago, about 2 months after I started dating someone I met online, I took my profile off.

At the same time though, your partner exploring other dating options may just be a stage in your relationship, one which you can get past and proceed to a more committed partnership; if you strongly feel so, then it may be worth it to try to adapt to a casual state of affair while understanding that nothing is guaranteed.

It's tough for me to find cute girls who like good musicor have similar interests. But 4 months later, I found out he was why is he on a dating site on eHarmony but told me he was just on there for fun, changing some information but not conversing with anyone.

Whether you call it spying, checking, or validating your suspicions, what it comes down to is a lack of trust. He kept me in the loop of events for the following days until he finally left for Turkey, and we spoke before he actually got on the plane.

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I had 4 dates with 4 different men and 2 more wanted to date but were no shows. I said nothing, because minimizing still means he still gets to talk to them. Are you always uneasy? So even as your partner puts forward his reasons why you both should continue to date other people, keep your cool and let him know that you will think about what he has said.

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However, plenty of people have trouble meeting that special someone. Why would they feel the need to check it out if they are in an exclusive relationship? Sally Thank you so much! I just wanted to add that I think men and women are on dating sites for one reason: A girlfriend or boyfriend can usually tell it the profile is real in any number of ways — if the profile has exact details about height and weight, the writing style that was used, etc…. It still has all of his pictures.