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In the very first season, there was the couple Jun Jin Shinwha and actress Lee Shi-young, and they dated for 6 months after they were on the show! I think Nickhun had admitted that at some points in his 'marriage' to Victoria he said he wished were real.


It was a really good watch. Some say that it was because they had developed real feelings and both wanted to protect their images while others say that they were pulled because they wanted to continue to date IRL.

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I'm pretty sure what they mean is someone else than their current WGM partner. Give idols prompts then let them do as they please. Submit a new link.

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There was a question and I answered it. Most idols go on for promotional purposes, but naeun and taemin cam out worse than when they went in.

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Kwanghee and Sunhwa are still datings in real life but they were before hand so If it's not in a written contract, I'm guessing the celeb could get away with it without being responsible for any damages. I found Gong Myung and Jung Hye sung really cute. Where to watch episodes or shows is covered by the 'Shows of the Week' post. Lol but I don't know who because I don't watch we got married haha sorry.

There is a little leeway for conversational purposes, but idols are encouraged to do as their told.

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Join us to discuss Korean Variety Shows! Remember when that woman called Taemin a son of a bitch?

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Discussions from allkpop Forums I just hope that Hye Sung wont be hurt if Gong Myung did not like her back. Top 10 Male Dancers.

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