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I am an author, an anti-establishment psychologist with PhD, an iconoclast. I practice yoga and meditation regularly. Living in new yorkNew-York Vegan diet.

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The past couple of years had been one of reflection and further growth. I play mostly progressive rock music, but some jazz as well.

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I try to treat everyone and everything gently and with respect. I make excellent vegan meals and beverages and love to share my knowledge of such by doing community workshops and sharing my knowledge one-on-one.

One was the woman who stuck to her principles and left her "comfort zone," willing to strike out on her own, and live the passionate life, despite all the uncertainty.

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I'm cultured but not a snob. I also travel pretty regularly too. I've even made friends with a tarantula and a few snakes, but I seem to have a special connection with dogs if you saw it, you'd believe me. Being active and outdoors is on the TOP of the list, however!

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I am extremely passionate about healthy lifestyles and mindfulness but fitness aside, I love cooking spicy food, eating mangoes, long walks in NYC, sports photography,and exploring as much of the vegan community as I can: I enjoy collaborations of all kinds. Born a vegetarian speed dating nyc Norwegain.

I like working with my hands, but also use my head. I'm a Brooklyn native, owner and lover of two cats, and vegetarian speed dating nyc an AmeriCorps service member as a communications specialist with the Generation Schools Network. I am looking for something leading to a lifetime stand!!!! I am no earth moma — nope, I like my high heals and fun sexy clothes!

I'm an ethical vegan - health benefits secondary. Living in brooklynNew-York Vegan diet. No pets as my life style is not conducive to being home on a regular basis.

I also enjoy yoga and meditating regularly. I believe in justice, not just for people, but for all the creatures of the world too.

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I like yoga I've been doing Bikram latelymeditation, walks, playing guitar, and dancing. I try to be healthy.

I feel more at home in nature than a big city but enjoy the cultural and artistic opportunities of the city. I want to have children.

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I love holding hands, kissing and caressing in public; opening doors; allowing you to order and choose first. I have 2 cats, one dog and my daughter, 20, is still at home but will be moving on with her life next year.

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Previously I completed a master's degree in chemistry and worked in research for four years.