Sump pump hook up to sewer Why Sump Pumps Shouldn't Discharge to the City Sewer

Sump pump hook up to sewer

The backfill is more porus than the undisturbed soil around the house so if you dump it on the overdig, it just ends up back at the footers. Now, it is illegal to make new hook-ups in most areas.

Postal Service offers next-day Sunday delivery. Most plumbing codes do not let you run sump pump discharge into sanitaty lines. Most likely it is illegal, no matter where you live. Now if you put groundwater into the system, your cheating the system, the water that you put has never been metered, hence you never paid for the discarge end of the sump pump hook up to sewer.

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A municipality's sewage treatment facilities have a designed capacity, and if property owners pump groundwater into that system, surges can occur during rainstorms or wet seasons that can flood the sewer systems. Several years later they had to smoke bomb all of the hosues because they where still having problems will high infiltration. Excellence is its own reward! I'm convinced that most moisture issues with skylights are condensation issues that are misdiagnosed as leaks.

We did the best we could I'am not aware of any metering system on a residential sewer. Home All Sections Search. When a sump pump discharges into the sanitary sewer, the city has no way of tracking and billing for this additional usage of the sewer.

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I could entertain discharging to the outside, but there's not much avenue for that, given the geography and how little land there is around my house. Speaking of inflow, why NOT meter inflow at the sewer connection? Where I lived at one time years ago, when there was a big storm, the excess sewer flow was just dumped in the river and not treated.

However, more than likely the right thing to do, as well as the smart thing to do, is to connect your pump to the exterior of your house to prevent sump pump overflow. Login User Name Remember Me? Get it well past the foundation overdig area.

Metering each home's sewage would be next to impossible considering the solids in the stream.

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Small Buys Taunton's self service advertising program. Do I need an air admittance valve at the top of the discharge?

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And their may be oil or other chemicals that may get into the water system. A sports reporter in a man's world. Reuben Saltzman is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work.

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In areas with municipal sewage systems it is generally illegal. Knowing, as everyone does, that the amount of water used is always MORE than the amount going down the draught, doesn't it seem like, well, theft, to charge a sewer cost that's equal to the amount of water bought? When this happens, either sewage backs up into people's homes, or the sewage water only gets partially treated before being dumped in to local streams and rivers yuck.

Christians for Justice and Peace. Mine only varies slightly month-by-month. Wash your car, let your hose run allnight long, flush your toilet 20 times a day, bottle and give it to your aunt jennie I was planning on cutting into the pipe in the middle just for convenience.


It just raises the sewer taxes for the towns. Also, cross-connecting your sump pump to the sanitary sewer system can overload the sewers if too many sump pumps are connected. I've seen many occurrences of sumps being piped to sewer lines, after final inspection of construction. View Jack Hass's Album.

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Seems reasonable enough to me.