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If you go to a bar or club and you consciously start thinking that you need a social proof to get these girls, or you start thinking how much easier it would be to pick up if you first get some social proof, that will only put you massively inside your head and psyche you out. But every once in a while, a guy approaches them that doesn't have this air of neediness about him; he comes to the interaction feeling "pre-fulfilled.

You have to forget about this idea of social proof completely and just let what happens at. Leaders are responsible for people and provide for them. Do a little more research. We have a lot of different guys listening to this podcast.

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Is that because Hollywood studios want to promote patriarchy and sexism? I want to do a whole podcast on this.

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They can also introduce you to other women they know. Just do something that interests you that involves other people.

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She might not be looking your way, or she may go to the bathroom, or she may get distracted by her friends. Of course, now we're touching on what I believe to be the single most powerful element of being "suave," "charismatic," or whatever you want to call it: One is use your niche.

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I get what that means for me. Look at social proof dating movie poster.

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Why are they alone at a restaurant? Not sure if you're being serious or trolling. Social proof is an honest signal about many things about you that women care about and find attractive.

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The guys in the units that I fought with, those are social proof dating of the closest if not the closest people to me on earth. Basically social proof is when a woman can infer for that you are already socially accepted by other people, and that you have a value giving personality.

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Who are all the other baboons looking at? So, in your niche, even though no one outside of academia gives a fuck about you, you have met and hooked up with a ton of women because you are very high-status in a tiny niche, right?

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I want acceptance of my work from them. Sometimes, some people are just fucking assholes.

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Girls C watches as you may girls A and B laugh and have fun, and girl C becomes attracted to you. None of those added together matter as much as social proof. Same guy, different contexts. Part of it was how they communicated their vision, that great goal or cause. Having female friends is not a bad thing. This is a great way to build social proof. I would join a different league.

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If you just go to the bar and stand around drinking beer for an hour — like most guys do — then, you just look like yet another beer drinking average dude.