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If they're ugly, get that vanity table under misc in tables and give them a makeover.

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Why dont kids play outside anymore? Simslice has an item that you can pick any sim in the neighborhood and instantly fall in love or be best friends. Posted 09 November - Jump to another forum: Be wary of certain NPC's like the mailman, newspaper delivery boy, the Therapist, the carpool drivers, and the Grim Reaper.

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You can also change your Sims Turn-Ons to the different one than make them be your slave. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

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What are some video games that have elderly Asian Characters? Sign up for free! When I do that, I always do 'Check sim out' and if that's good 'Do you like what you see'.

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Just like any other version of Sims every time ring gypsy brings me genie lamp! Apr 7, 06 at 7: I don't really pay 5, for a great date.

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The Sims 2-Matchmaking service always brings lamp? She didn't, so he started marrying wealthy old ladies for their money. The matchmaker can summon a blind date for a Sim the Sim's compatibility with their date depends on how much the player decides to pay the matchmakersell Love Potion Number 8. I can't link it here but if you are unable to find it, I'm sure I can find a link, somewhere, to pm you with. This can only be done on residential lots, as Sims cannot call services on community lots even if they have cell phones.

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Search Wiki Search Members. Originally Posted by Simonut "Nalia" Yes I am sure If a member or anyone do not have all the Eps sim 2 matchmaking service to add to the games thing like second aspiration or other personality traits or objects or game play will not be in their game. I think they have to have the chance to think about the other one 'in that way' before the lightening bolts appear.

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