Rs prussia marks dating Identifying RS Prussia

Rs prussia marks dating

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Add to that old Limoges, some English bone china, and the host of fakes If the eBayer has asked not to be identified, then you must use your own best judgment. The mold is the shape of the porcelain object and does not include any painted artwork or gold. The Schlegelmilch version of this mold appears in the Butler Brothers catalog.

It is a protruding thick line a few inches or less in length, which appears on the bottom of an oval, square, or rectangular bowl.

An expert is required to make this determination. Shelley collectors are fortunate in that most Shelley bone china has a very specific "ping" sound.

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In my opinion, the books written by Leland Marple are the most thorough and provide very accurate dates. Maybe we hope that the seller doesn't know what he has, that we have found the deal of a lifetime, but more often than not the dealer knows exactly what he is selling- a piece of junk designed to deceive the trusting buyer or inexperienced collector!

These are only three of the many variations on this design used by the RS company over the years, but they are the three that are most commonly faked. While a very small percentage may specialize in one type of porcelain only, who's to say that a look-alike might have slipped in there or a dish was put on display because it was a cherished gift from a loved rs prussia marks dating If everything matches up perfectly, you have identified a mold.

To identify a mold takes practice, but the more you practice, the more adept you become. Tielsch's bar mark is nearly identical in thickness, length, and position as that used by RS Prussia.

RS Prussia

The latter took over an existing porcelain factory in Tillowitz in and continued to run it as part of the Reinhold Schlegelmilch enterprise until he died in There are many different molds in the Prussia world. For old molds, Marple is the definitive reference. Look through the listings in the R. The item "rings like a bell". Generally speaking, the value of a porcelain mark often lies in a fake mark determining what the object is NOT, rather than a genuine mark authenticating what an object actually may be.

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If the object is translucent porcelain, you will see the moving shadow. Like all translucent porcelain, if you hold the object up to the light and put your hand behind the object between it and the lightyou should be able to see the shadow outline of your hand. I can show you examples from my personal collection where similar star marks appear in the mold on pieces made by manufacturers other than RS Prussia!

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The Erdmann Schlegelmilch company marked much of their early output "Depon", an abbreviation of the German word "Deponiert" meaning registered or protected by law to discourage copying by their competitors. Instead, you find two fine cocentric rings, a larger molded circle, and sometimes another fine ring about 1 inch from the edge or wherever the blown out decorations on the edge smooth out into the main surface of the plate. This is very important in the identification of RS Prussia. Prussia' was subsequently run with his two sons, Ehrhard and Arnold.