Red velvet dating The Truth Behind BTS' Jimin And Red Velvet's Seulgi Rumored Relationship Unveiled

Red velvet dating

It was disgusting, the singer was shocked. The group is composed of five beautiful girls: Some netizens left disparaging and also sexual remarks. Their relationship finished when her boyfriend had gone to college and begun a new life. But then again, there's that possibility of them really dating.

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What people have now are a few hints that lead them to believe in speculations. Yeri is only 17 years old, she is very naive and innocent girl, she did not expect red velvet dating comments.

She instead went to her Twitter account. There were many versions.

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Someone assumed that charming celebrity Irene was dating with Park Bogum. Nonetheless, they look good together. Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

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In the picture, the Red Velvet member can be seen winking to the crowd. In April netizens revealed some rummor about Irene.

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When that assumption had got to web, all fans were speculating on who might be her lover. And about their relationship, the famous singer said only two words: Kyuhyun, in his turn, said that he does not like famous persons and added he suppose Seulgi is pretty, but he feels really burdened if the lady is really popular and a Big Star. That fact caused many gossips about their relationship.

Irene In April netizens revealed some rummor about Irene. With this, it can be clearly seen that they might really be dating, knowing the wink and the other gestures and words that she placed on the caption box of her Instagram photo.

In her Twitter account, she says that she's not good in winking, which is why she closed her eyes. Their relationship did not continue long. Yeri Yeri is the youngest member of the group. Seulgi said that she respects Kyuhyun.