My story matchmaking part 18 Must Read: My Story….. Part 18

My story matchmaking part 18

Not long after that, my crazy friends, Dayo and Timi came over. Minutes later, a very cold hand covered my face from behind. This was what happened I got home and called up my babe on the phone. She was online dating dilemmas in church. The school authority called me and presented their candidate for the presidency which is Ayo.

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Search Your Stories Here. My Life, My Story It actually belonged to his Aunt who comes home from the U.

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Taiwo pulled me aside as everyone was departing. It seems we must allow this election to be free and fair o.

Search Your Stories Here. I told them that it was Taiwo that collected the money for his own purse but they beat us mercilessly and we sustained various degrees of injuries. Related Posts Must Read: J just knack free madness part 3. We were left in our own blood to die but thanks to the guy next door who called the police and we were rushed to the hospital for treatment. In my first semester in L, I was made the student union electoral chairman.

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OK, I give up. It had a pool, a mini lawn tennis court, a basket ball court, and it had 6 bedrooms each on the two floors of the house.

No comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I knew it was a female coz i felt the fingers. It Is Teenage Love….