M4 sherman matchmaking Stats for M4 Sherman Firefly.

M4 sherman matchmaking

Community Forum Software by IP. N3RV3, on Aug 30 - The M was also referred to as the Isherman i.

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Britzz 3 Posted 12 June - Pros and Cons Pros: The M4 Improved is a quick tank with a very nice playstyle, but the gun performance is quite bad, so it is recommended that you flank your enemy.

Do not show this dialog again. Lert 5 Posted Aug 30 - Makes its m4 matchmaking to play in tier 10 m4 matchmaking.

Please turn JavaScript on and refresh the page. Retrieved from " http: N3RV3 1 Posted Aug 30 - The performance of this tank is comparable to the T14though the T14 has better all round armor at the cost of reduced mobility. Search Advanced Search section: OQF pdr Gun Mk. Yes the main selling point of this premium tier 7 American medium tank is the gun, as well as some add-ons that could carve and shape the tank into a well-bred tank.

Lert 12 Posted Aug 30 - Very bad gun when you meet tier 7 opponents or heavily armored tanks Very inaccurate, albeit 0. Retrieved from " http: Existed only in blueprints. Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: M4A2E4 tank was part of experiments made with different types of suspensions which led to the adoption of the HVSS suspension system on Sherman family of tanks. Firefly's gun will be by far the best gun on any tier 6 medium tank, rivaling or surpassing many tier 6 heavy tank guns and some tier 6 TD guns - no way is it going to have good gun handling at that tier.

N3RV3 7 Posted Aug 30 - Some website functions are unavailable because JavaScript is disabled in your browser. You were just lucky for a period. I kinda didn't do my research enough.

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However, slight M4a3e2 stats will be mixed in for the hybrid. Lert, on Aug 30 - Unless it's in the top tier, this tank is most effective when supporting other tanks.

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