Kerr canning jar dating See the super simple method for dating and valuing antique Mason jars

Kerr canning jar dating, antique mason jars are common

What are Ball Jars, Kerr Jars, Mason Jars?

If the original closure ispresent, it will add to the value. There were not so many of the square jars made so they tend to be a little higher in value. Lady grabs 2 plant wire baskets and adds lights.

Kerr patented the first canning lids that had a permanently attached gasket, the type still used today. These jars generally have an embossed fruit or cornucopia design on one side and Ball on the canning jar dating. And for easy, step-by-step illustrated canning directions, from applesauce to pickles to jams, click here!

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The lid sealed on the top of a mason jar; a threaded metal ring held the lid down during the hot water processing. Woolgar graduated from the Langara College Journalism Diploma program in Like this page for more Antique stories like this on your Facebook newsfeed!

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Though commercial canning and changes in the way people consume food has changed since Landis invented the Mason jar, the jars have not gone completely out of style. Warman's Bottles Field Guide: You can find additional information about jar collecting from these sources: There are no dates of manufacture on canning jars, any dates on them refer to patents which are unrelated. If you have questions or feedback, please let me know! Unusuall embossing designs and misspellings add to the value.

They gave testimony to long hours of labor in a steamy, summer kitchen. They may be able to address questions you may have about old home canning jars but not home canning. Find comparable pieces Ball was one of the most prolific makers of Mason jars.

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Seams along the entire sidefrom bottom to top, mean the jar was made by a machine, probably after These are usually be found on jars made before Dating Old Ball Canning Jars There are no dates of manufacture on canning jars, any dates on them refer to cannings jar dating which are unrelated.

Here you can see the lip on the shoulder of the Atlas Jar.

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Many of these jars are not only still around but thousands of them, like the ones you see here, are still in use. See this jar if you are looking for canning jars! How to Date Imperial Knives. Size - Most are quart or smaller, but larger canning jars can fetch higher prices at auctions and can be used in making light fixtures and art pieces.

Age - Generally the older the jar is, the greater is value. Kerr also founded the Hermetic Fruit Jar Company in the same year.

They quickly became the leaders in the industry.

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Embossing - Many canning jars were embossed with the Mason patent date, November 30, The Balls began acquiring smaller companies, and mass producing and distributing jars across the country. Freezer Jars Freezer jars were designed to be used in the freezer.

Ebay is one of the most common ways to sell jars for their value.

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Lady buys paving stones. His work has appeared in Canadian national publications such as the "Globe and Mail" and the "Vancouver Sun. Other people admire them for reasons of whimsy, as the jars are a visible reminder of by-gone days.

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They also make Kerr, Bernardin and Golden Harvest canning jars. They've begun to put their collection on-line and currently have about 1, records concerning the Ball family and Ball products on this page. They moved their operations to Muncie, Indiana, after a fire at their Buffalo factory.