Jonghyun dating shin se kyung 2012 Is jonghyun still dating shin se kyung 2012

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Very story sekyung tumblr. In that interview, she said that their relationship is still good. Maybe he's still hurting because of fans' reactions Community Forum Software by IP. With the news breaking that is they have time for he cornered in living room.


If I remember correctly, the abrupt dating shin se kyung 2012 was an attempt to prevent the news from breaking somewhere else. Tbh, he mignt not even have been referring to Shin Se Kyung.

But I don't think he's heartbroken because of the break up, but maybe because of some fans who hated him.

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He totally defends what he and Taemin did, and even went to the trouble of changing his Twitter DP. If you are back again, please click the I'm Back button below. IF they were going to feature a fan place why not this place? It must've sucked for both of them. Something that I want to say all along. It's a stage, a performance, his pride.

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Fans who shout at him and make nasty comments are NOT fans. Please log in to reply.

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Not because "He can't date anyone else than me" but because he is such a great person, a great singer, he is very talented Fans should support at all times.

Since I live in America, we don't care that much about stars dating and stuff. And I want to see him happy Hope for your understanding. B2ST's Kikwang reveals that his ex cheated on him.

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Both 21 years dating nfl cheerleaders, they have just been. He wouldn't have kicked Ssk out of his 'contactlist' if they honestly stayed as good friends.

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Posted 20 September - I already saw the two episodes u mentioned but I didn't notice they have talked about her If it doesn't work, and they break up it is no different than any other human being. I think they're just one more celebrity couple who couldn't stand the scrutiny.

Let's hope them the best:.