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Kick back the ones that try to attack.

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The Following- Story Missions. One of them is locked and has some loot inside and the other has the door wide open and there is a zombie statue inside.

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As Crane walks toward the target marked door at the end of the corridor, look to the sides to find two doors that are both locked. Around the corner is the next fenced in area.

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Keep jumping to the groups of poles until you reach another walkway. Camden and perform the next objective himself. Crane must climb his way up to the platform on the back right portion of this area.

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Savvy will tell him to zipline down and go to the tunnel to find his way back — this tunnel is to the southeast of the first container yard. Jump on top of the railing and steady yourself on the railing so that Crane is below the overhead blue pipe. If you value the loot enough to fight through two goons then be my guest and stay on the lower level, but it's so much easier to just move along the top catwalk to reach the end of the tunnel. The second door to the right is open so step inside and find all the pickups inside.

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Outside of the shortcut, you will spot a grate removed from the floor. Find the red barrel in that room and shoot them to kill off a few toads.

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There are four Toads waiting for you. After getting through the pipe, look up to see a ladder. Each time you kill off one, another will alerted to that area.

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Inside the fenced area are zombies waiting for you. Now you need to go the next container. There are tons of virals in the upcoming hall. It's best to stay above the railing of the walkway with the door then fall down toward the railing and hold the jump button to try to grab onto that railing — it's risky but so much better then climbing all the way back up there. Kill it and use the camouflage technique to cover yourself in zombie guts.

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Hop on the pallets and jump for the ledge above. Loot the lockers in the back area, but don't open the door unless you want to deal with the zombies and the hook up amplifier dying light on the front side.

Stay away from them at all costs. You'll find a few locked chest in this area that Crane can unlock for extra loot.

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Toss firecrackers toward red barrels to lure goons toward them then shoot the red barrels for big damage on them. Climb out of the back of the tunnel then step through the fence door. The first order of business is to jump down off this high ledge.