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Hearthstone matchmaking not working, why is the mmr so fake? matchmaking is rigged!

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This is hardly a desirable feature of the ladder system. Almost the same applies to making a specific MMR the criterion for points: Will we lose all the intense fighting over who is the 1? I won that game and went to Rank Just because it prioritize time over fair matches does not mean it prioritizes unfair matches over fair matches. Curse Help Register Sign In.

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Why don't you create a new deck and play 3 games. That's what I'm doing now to climb the ladder and it works, but do we really need to play like that? I have several cool decks, some made up by me and others are decks introduced by players claiming to hit Legend rank with them.

On turn four, man!

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Well then, what is the other variable? As it is, many players work for their points in open cups in order to alleviate the unpredictability of points gained from ladder.

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Thanks to the bonus pool structure, all players can accrue a number of points each season no matter their skill, so a number of rewards can be tuned so that it is enough to be active to get them. Because the matchmaking below legend rank is not based on MMR, it is trivial for a player to concede a number of games to reach a lower rank and farm for easy wins there. If the HS hearthstone matchmaking not working ranks were less volatile I think you'd see less people sitting on their ranks at the end of the season scared to play and lose to a 'dumpster' legend and drop ranks thanks to an opponent's perfect draws and Knife Juggler snipes.

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In this post, I will examine the current ladder system, showcase why it is fundamentally broken for this particular environment, and propose an alternative model that could be used to fix it. But hearthstone matchmaking not working 50 and 30 percent of people are better than you.

Already have an account? As the month progresses, the more active players and stronger players move up fast, while others move up more slowly, and lower ranks become easier as a result. What about spots in the preliminaries?

The demotivating monthly grind

Ancient of Lore Least favorite card: Gotta go fast Secret Mage Deck by macadow - Oct 7, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The answer is clearly no, it does not. Do not post how to cheat Hi Quinn!

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The ladder competition is already a mix between grinding and camping, and that is hardly a healthy example to set. I'm just saying, there are a lot of other things the debs could focus their time on over stricter MMR constraints besides, the matchmaking system is designed for shorter, more consistent queue times. Every time is always the same: Hope that helps with understanding what's going on.

Blizzard reports

So you start losing not because of your skills but because of your deck. Give it more than no thought next time you want to post something like this.

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The lower ranks are full of players who game straight from higher ranks this early in the season. GraffyFPS blizzardcs bungiehelp anyone solution to the constant disconnect from the server?

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The big issue with the Hearthstone ladder is the way top legend players are awarded HCT points at the end of each season. This has led a number of exasperated players to remark that only the final day matters, nothing else.

The win farming on low ranks

Start of the season. As an example from the June season, Apxvoid camped 3 legend on NA from 23 rd June until the end of the season and tentatively finished 7.

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Ironically, Blizzard already does this in another game — Starcraft 2. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them.