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Green Bay Packers fans' online dating service that brings Packers fans together to find true love for the game and each other. He fell behind on his work and unfortunately we are just getting around to answering emails.

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And you're probably still single. Are Bears fans allowed to sign up?

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The first of its kind, according to a press release from the site, GreenBayPackersLovers. The way things are going for the Gre. Because now you can at a dating website that was designed specifically for Packers fans.

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Does the safety figure to start? Sign up for our Funniest Tweets From Women email. Thanks for signing up and creating memberships for our new dating site! Green Bay Packers fans, there's no excuse for you to be watching games alone. Die hard Packers fans finding true love.

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Green Bay Packers dating website open for business. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on his coaches. Elliott to keep fighting suspension The Cowboys running back is not done fighting his six-game suspension.

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Here's the website's mission statement:. Raising Zona 21h ago Arizona Cardinals: Just in case that didn't quite sink in, let me repeat myself one more time: Packers sign draft pick, three tryout players. David Johnson unlikely to return in One of the best running backs in football likely won't play again this year.

A new website devoted to matching single Green Bay Packers fans together in hope of finding true love for the game and for each other.