Gm alternator hookup how do i wire a GM 3 wire alternator

Gm alternator hookup

Finish the job by reconnecting the battery negative terminal.

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All wires go back to the fuse panel area. It must be switched, or else it will drain the battery overnight.

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Post reply Start new topic. It was also used in a lot of off-road gm alternator hookup, so they're generally cheap and easy to find.

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And last - do I really need 14 wire for that last wire - it will be a PITA at this point to run another engine compartment wire as I do have one spare 16, I believe.

Anyone who would like to check the performance of an existing system, ONE-WIRE or other, can get out the voltmeter and see how well the system is working.

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Connect the opposite end of this wire to the starter solenoid. Jul 20, Posts: When I plug it into the light I need to know if the other connector goes to ground or hot pos. Every wiring diagram I've seen always used either the light or a resistor in the circuit. About the Author K. So to recap, big wire to junction block, 1 white wire to a diode line [cathode] closest to alt then a lamp then to a switched 12 vdc, and finally the 2 red wire to the fuseblock non-switched point.

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DevilleJun 24, Wiring an alternator This diagram gm alternators hookup how to wire a Delco GM internally regulated 3-wire alternator. Log in or Sign up. The AC Delco 3 wire alternator was used in most General Motors products, and many types of heavy equipment, for a long time, which makes it readily available. Quote message in reply?

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And the parts will deliver best performance when operating at about 14 volts. Jun 24, Posts: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. One of them '2' I think you simply loop over and connect to the big wire pole, thats all. Do you already have an account?

10SI Alternator Wiring

Connect a length of 10 gauge wire to the output stud on the back of the alternator using a solderless ring connector. Splice a 14 gauge wire to the smaller pigtail from the connector.

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