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Re-read that last statement. David agreed, my life is not ruined, and I feminism ruined my dating life thanks to realizing all of this I have a better shot at finding a life of true meaning and contentment. Did she mean she doesn't understand why they settle down so late or why they settle down at all? Glastonbury As 's headliners are confirmed, here are Glastonbury Festival's greatest ever acts.

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However, I value my own logical abilities to recognize patterns more than anyone else's plea to ignore it - speaking it is another matter. An obese, 40 years old angry woman the fact that she's obese is far from the worst Someone may not want to be looked down upon while also realising that this will probably kill their chances of a romantic relationship.

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The most intrepid women of all time. Despite feminists trying to feminism ruined my dating life us that women do not need men, our biological instincts to pair up, coupled with our tribal desire to form a bond which enables us to mutually reciprocate from each other, are innate in all of us. I keep chickens and have found them to be fantastic mothers, as well.

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Women actually wanted that, demanded that. Unlike most of the commenters here, I am egalitarian, but even I can see that.

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I was lucky I had no problems. My generation of women, and the one after us, has been corrupted by the feminist adage that women are superior and men are harmful.

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Feminism declared that it did not matter what type of man I dated as they were all useless anyway. In the end the lie reveals itself to the woman who realizes that she spent years of her life hating those that loved her, harming those that would have cared for her, denying herself love and being cruel to others without reason. I have an old axiom, too: It might save you the trouble in the future. Wise words from Julie Burchill We're all familiar with that trope.

It's just a guy being a douche all day. He won't understand it.

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Our culture has paid dearly for it. But this is all new. My mom was afraid having children would impact my career, which would make me more dependent on my husband.

Every day a bunch of mainly middle-aged women gathered to munch their sandwiches and swap stories about how awful their husbands were.

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My sister is a good exemple. I would never hurt my husband like this. It doesnt work that way. I agree with Ton.

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Don't be to much excited, sometimes it's more infuriating than glorious. You have to understand that not all wolves are dangerous. Rather than heal her own childhood lack by being or doing different, she only replays it via denying her own children and grand children any maternal attachment or nurturing. I read this and I read my own story…. Get what I deserve? Its just a stupid little skit that got a chuckle out of me. The main character is a sub, a girl, who cant experience pain without being turned on.