Fan relay hook up Electric Fans and Relays

Fan relay hook up, introduction: how to wire a cooling fan to your car (diy electric)

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LT1s and the LT4 in our '66 Chevelle, for example, have the new-style camshaft-driven water pump requiring electric fans. The fans draw nearly 20 amps, pull 2, cubic feet of air per minute, and mount on the engine side of the radiator.

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The Chevelle had a bus bar on the horn relay near the radiator connected directly to the battery with a large gauge wire. From bare seats to wow seats! First off you're gonna need a car.

Easy Fan Install

But yeah I suggest a fan control of some type. Attach the box with the screws provided. Splice both 30 terminals together and use a gauge wire to connect them to the battery or constant 12V source.

Take some zip ties and tie them to a stationary fan relay hook up in your engine bay! Glad Jul 19, Share.

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It is a stand-alone unit that is not effected by the computer or anything else. Do you need an air conditioning relay? Then use the thermostat for the switch cause they are low volts.

Step 1: The Equipment

Skylark64 author seamster Reply Terminal 30 needs a high-amp volt source. The fan will turn in either direction depending on which of the two wires the power is supplied to.

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Here is only some of the equipment we need to have in order to make this possible. There are two methods to wire the relay, one with manual control and one with automated control.

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Since you are now done, go drive around and make sure your temperature stay below degrees F. If so do you know if they come in different temperature turn-on specifications?

Now cut the excess zip tie off for a clean look. Install a switch under the dash and run one gauge wire through the firewall to the relay; the other wire should be connected to a key-on power source in the fuse block.

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This tube was painted black for aesthetic reasons; this fan required three mounting bolts. The ideal place for the relay installation is on the fan relay hook up support near the battery or other 12V source and the electric fan.

Remove the nut on the battery terminal and put the wire connector over the bolt and tighten the nut. Control computers and other devices sensitive to large amounts of current can be employed to control the relay; and 3.

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Nice but a few suggestions i might add is you add a relay too save your switches from arching. The difference is that the manual turns the fans on continuously where this one will allow the fans to operate as temperature requires.

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