Famous person dating a fan 12 Stars You Didn’t Know Actually Dated Their Fans

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Giselle and Tom Brady met on a beach in Rio de Janeiro where Tom was playing beach football and Giselle was there suntanning, doing as models do. The two met during a blind date and Aniston fell head over heels almost immediately.

Matt Damon and several other Hollywood stars found romance with a fan.

Most recently, a die-hard Disney fanatic began stepping out with actor Jake T. Who wrote this nonsense? Wiz is extremely successful, yeah. Kelsey Grammars wife knew nothing about him before she met him.

Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh

While men may throw themselves at multiple Golden Globe winner Julia Roberts, she has only returned her love to one fan: This person needs to check their facts. Could I have my five mins back that I wasted on reading this article?

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Jennifer and Brad were already married when he appeared on Friends. Maybe it was the commonality that caused Sandler and Titone to get married in Some time later, the two managed to meet up in Las Vegas. Sure, some stars meet their soulmate while filming movies togetherbut other celebrities like the idea of being with a non-famous person.

20 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Austin after tweeting at the young star for six years. He may have jumped on a couch for her but Katie Holmes did her own fan-girling for Cruise during her teens way before she became famous. While engaged to actor Chris Klein inthe young actress told reporters: Matt Damon is one famous person dating a fan that found love outside of the normal celebrity couple circuit.

While it may seem like celebrities only like dating other stars, a ton of your favorite guys have proven that's totally not the case.

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Whoever wrote this is such an amateur. The two were eventually introduced when she took her year-old godson to the set of Monster Garage. Get your facts straight!

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They need to hire real journalists who actually know how to write. InHolmes — who was engaged to actor Chris Klein at the time — told reporters that "every little girl dreams about her wedding.

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Now, they are one of the industry's cutest couples and their love story is what every fangirl dreams of! The pair have been married since and have one child together, Axl Jack. Then in the next sentence they mentioned they divorced. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt: There, Duhamel used a super smooth pick-up line to seduce his future wife.