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Our Hearts by EffortlesslyOpulent Fandom: When she chose the apartment she went price over space, so it was quite small in design.

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The line at the rental car place was ridiculously long, so Clarke convinced Lexa to play chess on her phone until they reached the front of the queue. Old memories and feelings are dredged up, and it may not go as smoothly as they planned.

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She ran across the road, wheeling a red suitcase behind her. Their shoulders were brushed against each other, their fakes dating au clexa pressed against each others.

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It should be a good chance to show Lexa around though. She placed her glass down on a random table.

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The Art of Pretending to Pretend by onmywayhome everybodyismoche Fandoms: And why is everyone playing DDR? The TV Relationships: But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him? Please consider turning it on!

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It took a while for Clarke to convince Lexa to start playing again but eventually she convinced her with the promise to eat some yoghurt with muesli in the future.

But Clarke did manage to weasel out that Lexa was an avid knitter, something she had been surprised about.

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She threw off the covers and padded into the bathroom, stripping out of her shorts and shirt and jumping into the shower. Clarke, on the other hand, tries to distance herself from Lexa's newfound fame, and embarks on a journey to find herself.

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Trapped in a small town, dead-end waitressing job, and a loveless marriage, Clarke Griffin finds herself faced with an unwanted pregnancy. This was what she wanted.

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Unless you know how to drive a speedboat? Lexa held her chin up higher under her stare. She ran a hand through her hair as she sighed.

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Clarke found herself watching Lexa as she went over to wait behind the only person ordering anything.