Down to earth dating Match Goes Free, Launches Down To Earth Dating Site

Down to earth dating

It's unlikely, but perhaps they are attempting to make a reference to their height my attempt at humor in all of this. All to often people put more stock into who someone is, what they have or what they do?

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Update, I just got rated, by a female friend. So what exactly do guys mean by down to earth? Not sure how they will accomplish this. There's nothing wrong with wanting a certain amout of security nor is there anything wrong with wanting scenery that is pleasing to the eye!

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Gina, Non-materialistic and easy to talk to almost covers it. Down To Earth will have a lot of new features coming down the pike to prove our users are who they say they are. We like others to believe we are those things.

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I don't buy into it, but I won't pass someone by for claiming they are down to earth. Will do "gruntwork" and will learn skills to get "pink jobs" or "blue jobs" done, 'cause the work's gotta git done. They may not down to earth dating know what they meant.

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We spent a lot of time talking about how Down To Earth has the freedom to innovate. Down To Earth used a 30 year-old woman as guide.

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We all tend to use these common sayings in our profiles and at face value, there is nothing really wrong with it. Not snobby, realistic in her life outlook. Finally, a dating site that is taking ratings and reputation seriously!

You won’t win her over with compliments.

Providing those are not the ruling thoughts or agenda. Page 1 of 1.

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Development was outsourced, running the same Microsoft system as Match. Well, I can only speak for myself, but for me a down to earth lady is one who interested in a mans personality and ability to love rather than his financial status, a lady who will be there for her man, as he will for her. No BIG surprises of any kind is always a plus I know more flighty kooks and wild child types who are not well grounded. Add good listener and open minded and I think it about covers it.

Her family might come before you.

The site is seeing strong numbers of signups from the south and southwest. Doesn't need to be put on a pedestal. Thanks in down to earth dating for your reply, Gina. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. They are getting lots of advice from Match, which has been around for 13 years.

Funny that I personally know 5 of the women on the site in my area. My advice is to say what you mean and not use these common phrases to describe the self you identify with. My point is, you can only do so much to guarantee the demographics your want on your site are actually the ones that show up.

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Hi Gina, As you can see "Down to Earth" has a variety of meanings to many different people, Seems to me, the common thread is Married people get kicked. My idea of a down to earth woman would include qualities that do not consist of selfishness, arrogance and vanity.

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So what exactly do guys mean by "down to earth"? The site is not specifically targeting a particular market segment at this time.