Dating your childs therapist Therapy Is Not a Place for Romance

Dating your childs therapist

The only two social workers i still see are cool people and i would definitely not say no to one if she were to make a pass at me or wish to be friends. You can use these tags: It is not uncommon for strong feelings to arise in a psychotherapy client. You are now a registered user of NYMag.


But then going back because you think there is something between the two of you because the doctor helped you through your suffering and healed you. I see it in the office all the time, managers dating staff etc, is it black and white?

Sure, they can try to keep the job and the relationship separate, but frankly very few people can do this.

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It is a direct violation of a sovereign citizens liberty. The therapist should let you know he or she is a trainee and give you the supervising psychologist's name. So even though i do not get any real counseling, i can not just quit and be friends. If this were an isolated dating your childs therapist of poor judgment, I could write it off as such.

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I have been alone in dealing with this, and I need some help from someone who understands the extreme vulnerability of a client after finishing therapy, let alone other social factors; I need someone who understands what this experience is like as a woman, and how devastating it is. Plus on top of that they are mandated reporters.

Multiple relationships

I made plans to see her for a cup of coffee. If you have feelings for your practitioner, it is important to dating your childs therapist them. One I know told me he is going to resign at the end of the year and seek therapy himself for depression. September 17, at 9: The rule needs to be black and white because there are too many people who would exploit the gray.

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I was immediately attracted. And when that happens? I would be interested in your take on the psychology behind internet based communications…why does it seem like a disproportionately high number of msgboard posters have clinical depression or personality disorders?

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End of therapy You should know the difference between treatment termination and abandonment. The relationship has been rationalized through a series of cutesy excuses: There are reasons for ethics.

Worse yet is i did not ask to see them. At least i do not know of one. This assumption would probably lead to a suspension or even termination of her license. He was tryly not a person cut out to help the average person. Remember Me Forgot Password? Most mental health professionals would argue that there are exceptions to the rule about post-professional relationships.

Relationships after Therapy: Why They are Always Bad

I have done the mandatory ethics training and worked on several studies now and this is news to me, so I would be interested in where this information is coming from i. I do think that movies and TV normalize behaviors and attitudes and influence attitudes. Confidentiality Employers, spouses, school administrators, insurance companies and others often ask psychologists to provide information about their clients.