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Dating mccall patterns

The charts cover only the decade discussed in the book. Today, one of the best places to find vintage patterns is online, especially if you are searching for a specific pattern.

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I kept thinking some fashion history major or library would be interested. I am looking for a sewing pattern for horse racing jockey silks September 7th, at The first thing to know about collecting vintage sewing patterns is that the temptation to add "just one more" pattern to your collection is irresistible.

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Fitting them is easier and I find that the diagrams that come with the patterns will tell you a lot, even if the wording is confusing. By the s you can see the addition of a fabric cutting chart.

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In the dating mccall patterns, feel free to comment below to let me know any thoughts, questions, or comments. Jennifer's guide hits all the points you need to consider including quite a few you've probably never thought of and it's easy and enjoyable reading.

I dont find the extra sewing information useful at all. I know one collector who buys just the Butterick Young Designers from the s and s. The easiest is when the maker has put the date on the dating mccall patterns or on the instruction sheet. How old is my pattern? In her day she had to take tailoring classes and fiber content as well as the business classes and fashion history. Dont even talk to me about the excess ease either. Here you can see the suggestions they give for adding design to this dress- here they suggest getting one of their transfer patterns to use for accents.

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On the pattern piece are instructions for finishing. Paper sewing patterns were first manufactured in the middle of the s.

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If you want to have a completely original and unique look while being on the cutting edge of fashion, vintage patterns are the only way to go! Vintage Simplicity Patterns 's - Present: I was wondering if they are worth anything if they are in poor condition.

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There are things we have to add, and new sites we haven't visited yet. And two pages of instructions!? The hairstyle, the garment style and length, even the printing fonts used can be hints as to the era of a pattern.

Let me break down a basic history of the printed pattern:. Gotta love those Mccall patterns and their handy guides.

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July 28th, at 3: Ask them to save any patterns they get instead of dumping them. I wonder if these are worth anything? Much more so than any of my school stuff. These are also the most commonly found vintage patterns, though there were dozens of smaller companies who produced some wonderful designs.

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July 15th, at 4: The other smaller companies did not put dates on their patterns. Simplicity stopped putting dates on most patterns in the early 50s, but in the mid s they began printing it on the envelope back. By the mid 's the colored logo bar was removed. Someday I may fit into them again — I dating mccall patterns have them. Your email will not be published required. For your next step, we recommend the vintage patterns overview written by Vintage Fashion Guild members Karen Gray and Elizabeth Bramlett.

This is why, in early pattern development, certain companies held the patent for printed patterns McCallwhile others had them for step-by-step illustrated instructions Butterick.

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