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The ESL gig is just to keep my visa in check. Even to white women I am a 8 or 9.

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How "Fresh" are the Profiles? I also agree, I think Asians with the right diet have the potential to be giants. The men here are mostly British guys who think they are gangsters with scooters and tattoos who babysit kindergarteners or just plain betas.

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I'm from the states and it was never a good fit for me. Already have an account? If you have dating problems back home, Korea will only amplify those problems. Fortunately, Asian men are making headway in the states now perfect hair, fit, smart, etc. But like Brent hinted at, the language part is not key. But that can be said anywhere.

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Now that you're locked and loaded with the best advice available for dating in the ROK, get out there and live it up! Being white is a good thing, but the Koreans are wise to the tricks of foreigners wanting to come in and get their fuck on. In general, I'm warning you to be careful with SJWs, postmodernist non-sense, charlatans in academia and welfare-states.

August 5, at 1: It's really hard to insert yourself into that process although speaking the language can help greatly. Dont make a K-girl uncomfortable in public, keep it behind closed doors … seriously — it matters 10 Expect success, but dont let it make you lazy, you have to be active in process, or it will stall. On a ending note, I do think there is also a huge gap in Korean males - some are incredibly alpha - rich, good looking, well connected this is important in Koreaand then the typical shy reclusive herbivores.

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I see a lot more Korean women who are open to the idea of long-term relationships with foreign men for various reasons. In Korean culture it is a harder place to socialize with respect to dating — due to cultural peer pressure.

There are times when I lament the realities of being an Asian man in American. Thanks, I was afraid this was reaaaaalllllyyyyy horrible.

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The demand for English teachers is extremely high in Korea; therefore, public schools and hagwons recruit from English speaking countries. I plan to get dual citizenship and am really excited. This goes both ways, but I often hear about foreign women who want to improve their Korean skills and are instead propositioned. Couple this bad situation for US Asians with the reality that many American Asian girls are not interested in men from their own race and are looking for Caucasian men, and dating can be a bit confounding.

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Do not come because you think your dating life will improve. I also understand that most of them dating in seoul expats and need contact with other westerners.

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A few years ago I went to Seoul for a consulting gig that lasted about a month. I think the only dating in seoul expats you may encounter is a long term relationship with a Korean guy. It is no exaggeration to say that a black man may have it 10x harder than OP.

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In those cases, a language barrier will help mask those inadequacies. She went along with it even though she was still dating other men. This is a vital component of Korean culture, dont expect a serious relationship, with great age difference.

There is a difference between trying to understand the culture and just trying to scam on women though.

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