Dating griswold cast iron cookware Griswold Cast Iron

Dating griswold cast iron cookware

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Vintage cast iron used for cooking is cleaned and seasoned easily. This second trademark containing the Griswold name would be short lived, however, as traditional block lettering would begin to be replaced by stylized logos by many makers. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Remove grimy build-up by spraying it thoroughly with oven cleaner, place it in a plastic bag, and let it work for at least two hours.

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Very Good condition, no cracks or breaks. If you are interested in learning more I highly recommend you visit http: I have enough iron that it is difficult to use them all on a regular basis so I see myself cutting way back on the acquisitions.

Any Griswold item not manufactured in Erie is not associated with that company.

After some researching, I've ditched the idea of those Lodges, and am now on the hunt for a nice, smooth, old Griswold or Wagner? Only on a few pieces, typically cast aluminum, does the logo have the additional line segments seen on the printed logo.

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Some minor variations in the large block logo are seen, most notably on the 4 and 5 smooth bottom skillets. Information dating it to as early as has been found.

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In the s Griswold began to manufacture skillets, pots, grinding mills and waffle irons. When the cast iron products were coated with an outer finish of nickel or chromium, they were extra finished.

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There is a large selection of Griswold cast iron available on eBay including skillets, pans, and molds. Open All Close All.

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Later that year the Griswold brand and housewares division were sold to the Wagner Manufacturing Company of Sidney, Ohio. I can't even give you a good guess - over Today, Griswold pieces are collector's items.

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Although I did know that my mother's Favorite chicken fryer, and my Piqua Ware dutch oven, were something special, I hadn't looked at my frying pans with a critical eye, until I found your blog. David Mission Viejo, CA.

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Look at the dating griswold cast iron cookware at the bottom of the Griswold article to buy these from one of the authors. I have one ERIE 7 that is really rough with grinder marks.

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Here is an old Griswold slant logo no 9 skillet.