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There is nothing uniquely Tory about abusing women.

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But what turned us off listing our squeezes in real-time? While asking someone to be your boyfriend and girlfriend is an action that actually changes the fabric of a relationship, going Facebook official isn't - unless you're a year-old who still thinks this is a good way to ask. I've been dating a homeless woman recently, and I think it's getting serious.

How Facebook ate the media — and put democracy in peril.

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Send us your status by one click! Amazing facebook status updates about love, life, friends and other facebook statuses and quotes to make your wall more interesting. Izzy, 23, tells me that she once saw "Facebook official" as a necessary stage in relationships, but now, "I'd probably only change it now for something big like an engagement or marriage", since watching break-up become "public property" on Facebook.

It can also happen when news becomes a hall of mirrors and nothing feels true. Perhaps twenty-somethings just aren't keen to stamp Facebook-endorsed "commitment" all over their dating lives.

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Use our handy search tool to find funny statuses by keyword or by selecting the category that best describes status you are searching for. One of the social media site's first features, rolled out while the network was still primarily used by datings fb status at US universities, was the "relationship status". When I date someone, I think long term.

Still, I've got another three goes. We have lagest collection of funny facebook statusesamazing statuses, statuses about life, love, friends, statuses about dreams, work, statuses about girls and much more! To be fair to Facebook, it never asked for this dating fb status of meet me dating site login, and its executives seem motivated by well-meaning naivety rather than movie-villain malice. More then 57, facebook statuses!

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This was my nightmare. And at first, it was a successful one: Research has also suggested that while relationship statuses indicate commitment, they were reflective of this commitment, not participating in it.

In November, BuzzFeed ran a reader poll and concluded: We want social media to be privy to our highs, not our lows.

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More likes - more statuses for you! Among twentysomethings I spoke to anecdotally, the percentage was even higher: In the trial, everything except personal updates and sponsored posts was tidied away to a secondary feed.

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It's no wonder we're keen to avoid repeating the experience. What is Facebook status? It would suit Facebook very well to eat up the rest of the internet, because that would give people more reasons to stay on Facebook.

News and comment pieces were littered with first-person horror stories of "likes" and passive aggressive comments on break-up statuses, or people mercilessly dumping their partners by declaring themselves "single".