Dating colt king cobra colt king cobra

Dating colt king cobra

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Note that they won't give you any more information. It's not a King Cobra but a "regular" Cobra An American Legend" has all Colt serial numbers for all models from into along with magnificent color photos of every Colt firearm model made since Because of Colt's serial number systems it may not be dating colt king cobra to identify what model a Colt is based on just the number.

Wilson is the last outsider to have access to the Colt Archive, and he has Colt serial number listings in several books and booklets.

Most Colt revolvers had the same thread size and it was often possible to install a barrel from a totally different model on a frame.

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One surfaced in North Carolina inwas lettered by Colt Archives, listed on Gunbroker, and is now in the hands of a private collector. If that doesn't return valid data, you can call Colt during normal business hours and they will give you a production date over the phone.

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Last edited by norincolover ; In most cases they can help you identify exactly what model of Colt you have. In the Gun Control of was passed. There are several ways. The alloy frame Colt Cobra was introduced in with serial number 1LW, the LW indicating Light Weight, and continued through ending with serial number LW at which time a new serial numbering of the Cobra began at A This article is about the Colt King Cobra.

Colt King Cobra SS pistol.. what is it worth?

Also note that the people working the phones are rushed, may not be totally familiar with Colt models and have been known to give out incorrect information. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

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From and matte stainless steel was offered, and from the option of polished stainless steel became available as well. It's not unusual for these guns to lack the "LW" letter stamp in front of the serial number.

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To get a production date, just call Colt during normal business hours and they'll tell you over the phone. Most people were happy to get their gun repaired and since the barrel was entirely usable, most people didn't care that the gun was one model but the barrel was marked as something else.