City water meter hook up Hooking up to City Water System

City water meter hook up

We bought an older house that had the galvanized pipe from the meter and all through the house. Most Popular Bar Stools.

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PVC would be the lowest cost but I have reservations against it. I know I won't mess with the connections myself. I think I can rent a tool for PEX tubing.

Galvanized would be good but I have heard not to use it. I know our line is PVC.

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I'm not comfortable with using black poly pipe for this application. Our line T's off of their pipe and goes to our house. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.

I will be doing this myself from the meter to the house. Who gave you these cities water meter hook up Then if it leaks inside the house, it's his problem to pay for the damage and the repair.

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Hooking up to City Water System. What does code call for in this situation.

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The house is already plumbed. I don't know what type of pipe runs from the well to my parents house next door. Pooh Bear I don't know what type of pipe runs from the well to my parents house next door.

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I worry about it getting old and brittle. Can tub-mount faucet for clawfoot be reconfigured for wall mount?

Used 1 inch PVC from the meter into the basement, into whole house filter. Thank you for reporting this comment. Consequently I can't find a cost for the stuff. Pooh Bear January 17, And, what does PEX tubing cost?

For the pipe sizing the codes have a way to calculate that based on what you have in your house. Pooh Bear I will be doing all the work except the trenching. I haven't checked any places outside our small town yet.

When hubby replaced the water heater he noticed the interior of the pipe was badly corroded. Save time and water with a drip watering system in your vegetable garden — a little patience now will pay off later. And I have no experience with PEX.