Chinese dating show sbs Chinese dating show If You Are The One calling on Aussie contestants

Chinese dating show sbs

No wonder they say love hurts, boys. Within minutes the contestants have nutted out common interests, if they want children and where they would like to live.

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New episodes follow the special at 8: If You Are The One airs on 7. The lucky ones who find a match win a cruise to the Aegean and fashion shoes before the next ad break.

You think The Bachelor is brutal, this Chinese dating show takes the cake. In this show it's the ladies who have all the power.

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And according to The Feed host and film critic Fennell, it gives The Bachelor a run for its money in the brutal stakes.

The reality TV show, which has a massive cult following here as well as in China, puts women in the box seat in their quest for love.

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This is how men in China compete for the attention of the ladies. If You Are The One - promo 0: The broadcaster has commissioned 19 Reasons To Love If You Are The Onewhich chinese dating show sbs local celebrities and comedians counting down their favourite parts of the show as part of a special show which airs tonight.

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The show is hosted by Jeannette Francis from The Feedand starring a mix of local comedians, musicians, TV and radio personalities. It's China's version of the Bachelor, and it's brutal and efficient.

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Fennell, who is judging the short films the male contestants produce as part of the Chinese show said the clips were hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. In the Channel Ten reality show, women all compete for the attention of one man, for a whole season. The girls know what they want and churn through at least three hopeful male candidates each episode.

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