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Blue Ribbon Teddy Tiny Brit. I think its mostly a status thing, it shows you have money etc plus its a comfortable car. Aren't you contradicting yourself? To get back to the original question, personally I think agencies are a huge waste of money, I would prefer to go somewhere there are men, pick a boy toy and go watch them play.

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I actually think its the younger ones who are, and can afford to be, more fussy. Why do I want to hear what someone has to sayits enough just reading a lot of garbage on here. Share this article Share. Funny thing though is all these guys complaining about gold-diggers and desperate-to-have-a-baby's are amazingly silent when they're presented with a woman who is neither.

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Sublunar Reflections I am a walking, talking, single-white-female-in-my-twenties with too many thoughts swirling around in my head. So please don't get offended if you are one of the men or women that don't think this way.


As you get older, those things that are considered "deal breakers" can change blue dating agency sydney dramatically. There is now a lot more online and unfortunately some have had a very similar experience to myself. I can't stand spelling mistakes, and most are full of them And most dont put anything about what they are looking for — too scared to narrow the field just in case!

Cars are depreciating assets, the more expensive the car, usually the faster it depreciates.

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So what's a single man to do? It matters more to me than money or looks or any of that stuff. And you guys wonder why you get none? I bet they wouldnt hand the punter his money back.

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If you're just an average guy with an average paying job, then you don't have much of a chance. So what would you accept out of the following, i'm interested to know where you draw the line: I would be concerned going out with a lady that didnt want anything other than a good time and her name on the deed.

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I had girlfriends when I didn't work at all, and they were fine with it. Ex-boyfriend of Towie's Ferne McCann claims 'acid' found in his car before nightclub attack was a thickening