Absolute and relative dating worksheet Absolute and Relative Dating

Absolute and relative dating worksheet


Concept 3, PO 5: Concept 3, PO 1: Concept 4, PO 3: Communicate results clearly and logically. Interpret data that show a variety of possible relationships.

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In this lesson, students will interpret an archaeological site and determine appropriate dating techniques. Support conclusions with logical scientific arguments.

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Concept 4, PO 2: Life Sciences Grade Level: Produce graphs that communicate data Concept 4, PO 3: Concept 3, PO 4: This activity will guide students through an inquiry-based, critical thinking approach to the study of absolute and relative dating methods.

Earth and Space Science. Produce graphs that communicate data.

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Interpret a geologic time scale. Concept 2, PO 5: The students will be asked to apply their knowledge in a similar way to how real scientists approach dating archaeological and palentological sites.

Communicate results clearly and logically Concept 4, PO 4: Distinguish between relative and absolute geologic dating techniques. Interpret data that show a variety of possible relationships Concept 4, PO 2: Record observations, notes, sketches, questions, and ideas using tools such as journals, charts, graphs, and computers. Concept 4, PO 4: Inquiry Process Concept 2, PO 5: